Three Dichotomies that Will Change Your Life

This was my opening speech at The 21 Convention 2011 of Orlando Florida. It was the last speech I will ever give in Orlando at The 21 Convention (unless and until I decide to return the event there). It is also the last speech I will ever given at the dawn of The 21 Convention. Going forward I will be only making an appearance, and then letting the show get on a roll of it’s own.

Will I continue to speak? Certainly. However, not only am I not the best speaker, but I want to tackle more specific subjects that would not necessarily make sense coming from me, right at the open of an event.

Some subjects that are especially interesting to me are romantic love, declarationism, the ideal man, morality, self-esteem, and the philosophical/meta-physical foundations of proper exercise, nutrition, and healthy living.

For all the chatter done by the paleo community, it’s far too rare I see anyone mention “nature to be commanded is to be obeyed”. And need I mention the monstrous reduction by equation of biology and psychology? Maybe not, but I will anyway: paleo-psychology is an oxymoron.

And of exercise, I still find it fascinating how thoroughly and rigorously Bill DeSimone is able to nix out structural contradictions from exercise and create contradiction-free congruent workouts. Which is to say workouts congruent to and in line with reality.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen a lick of this in the paleo community. It seems everyone’s mind shuts off after nutrition, much like people “like” to shut off and shut out the consequences of their political and moral philosophies.


Anyway, enjoy the speech. It picks up about mid way through. I personally was not enthusiastic about my performance, but I did get the comment multiple times that it was my best ever.

— Anthony Dream Johnson

About Anthony Dream Johnson

CEO, founder, and architect of The 21 Convention, Anthony Dream Johnson is the leading force behind the world's first and only "panorama event for life on earth". He has been featured on WGN Chicago, and in the NY Times #1 best seller The Four Hour Work Week.    His stated purpose for the work he does is "the actualization of the ideal man", a purpose that has led him to found and host The 21 Convention across 3 continents and for 6 years in a row. Anthony blogs vigorously at and

4 Responses to Three Dichotomies that Will Change Your Life

  1. ben sima October 5, 2011 at 2:02 pm #

    what do you mean by “paleo-psychology is an oxymoron”?

    if you mean evolutionary psychology, well, that’s a pretty well-established field. I mean, psychology is dependent on, and a sub-field of, biology.

    I should say that I’m not familiar with evolvify, but at first glance the writings and ideas seem… myopic.

    this might be relevant:

    • Anthony Dream Johnson October 7, 2011 at 12:45 pm #

      I mean that equating biology with psychology is absurd, which is what I take away from Evolvify. Geoff here on TDL does this as well in denying consciousness. Essentially (and as a single example), stating that because man was enslaved to his tribe, that he developed a “slave part” of his brain, and subsequently, this is a guiding tool for how we should live together today.

      That what *should be* rests only on *what was*.

      This is horrific in more ways than I can count and the concept applies across a broad range of what these people deem “psychology”. Going further, Geoff does this when he equates romantic love with a chemical reaction in the brain.


      I think to sum up my disagreement with “paleo-psychology”, my perception of it deems man an animal, and specifically denies the fact that he is an animal with volitional consciousness.That aspect of our existence is the proper study of psychology, not the fact that most children get scared in the dark and most men get hard when a woman grabs their dick.

      • ben sima October 7, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

        I agree with that.

        “That what *should be* rests only on *what was*. This is horrific… ”
        ^sounds like the naturalistic fallacy

        • Anthony Dream Johnson October 8, 2011 at 1:55 pm #


          And for the record, I don’t mean to completely dismiss “paleo-psychology”. My argument against it as I see it however is equivalent to paleo re-enactment vs paleo metabolism + modern understanding of biology and medicine. The two choices rest on very different fundamentals and produce very different results. I believe the same is true in psychology.

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