To the Readers of this Blog … What’s the scoop on Ron Paul?

To the readers of this blog — you’re probably wondering what’s really going with Ron Paul, especially if you are from outside the US and have to make sense of our political system.

The short version is: I was dead right, Ron Paul is set to win the Republican nomination, and will win the general election against Barrack Obama in a landslide.

If you’ve been listening to the mainstream media this sounds like a complete lie, or outright nonsense, but it’s the truth, not only in projected outcomes, but in current election results. Yes, Ron Paul is in first place.

Remember, everything popular is not only wrong, it’s usually the exact opposite of what is right. Ie, a low-fat diet will probably lead to health problems. A high-fat diet will help maintain excellent health. A lot of random physical activity will lead to poor results. A minimal amount of real exercise will produce the best results possible to you.

Whole grains are toxic — pure butter is a health food.

And on, and on. You guys know the drill.

With Ron Paul, here’s how things are working.

1. Delegates matter, votes generally, do not.

Popular votes rarely determined the number of delegates a candidate wins in a nomination process like the current Republican contest. What this means is that Ron Paul has been cleaning fucking house picking up delegates, even with 3rd and 4th place finishes, but especially with his 9 second place finishes — far more than any other candidate.

What this means is that when Ron Paul get’s “second”, he gets first in delegates, by  a long shot.

Delegates are what actually determines the Republican candidate to face Barrack Obama. Not votes.

2. Ron Paul is first in delegates

Ron Paul is “last” according to the mainstream media in delegates. They can say this because they simply look at the popular vote and “guess” that when the States make final delegate counts, it will reflect the popular vote. The problem is that this is not at all true, because Ron Paul supporters are generally ready to take  a bullet for Dr. Paul.

Meaning they are ultra passionate, aggressive, and determined to the highest degree possible to become a delegate — which is actually what determines delegate numbers.

The “votes” you guys are seeing, are usually the equivalent of a beauty contest. The political establishment in the US is well aware of this, and hate Ron Paul and his supporters because of it.

Here is an example of how well informed and determined Ron Paul’s opponents supporters typically are.

Basically, fucking clueless airhead sheeple.

Where as Ron Paul supporters are ready to fight to the death for Dr. Paul — and I mean that literally.

A dramatic difference to say the least.

This puts Ron Paul a close second in the “real” delegate count, that the mainstream media will not show you, just behind Mitt Romney.

Even this however, is not the whole truth.

The whole truth is that Ron Paul is well in first place. He is in first place, and will remain there, because many of his supporters have been posing and winning unbound delegate seats for all three of Dr. Paul’s opponents Mitt/Newt/Rick.

What this means is that come convention time in Tampa Florida, none of Ron Paul’s delegates will be “switching sides”, where as delegates from all three other candidates  will be switching to Ron Paul, on the spot. And these are just the “double agent” delegates that have the intention in advance to switch to Ron Paul.

This does not even account for delegates that will be trickling in from all 3 candidates when clueless sheep follow the herd when Ron Paul’s delegate count starts skyrocketing. With few exceptions, people who vote for and support other candidates are generally weak minded, and are anything BUT concrete supporters for their candidate.

The complete opposite of 99.9999% of Ron Paul’s supporters and delegates.

A real delegate count + double agent delegates = a real first place front runner

This is both amusing and 100% legal. Unbound delegates are 100% entitled to “change their minds”, and push Ron Paul well ahead of the pack. The fact that this is pre-planned is their own business.

And it will piss off Republicans to no end when Ron wins their nomination.

3. Voter and Election Fraud are the real threat

The only real threat Ron faces at this point is outright fraud. Ron very likely won the popular vote in a number of States, including Iowa, Maine, and Nevada, but had it stolen by outright fraud. Dead people voting. Votes being taken or thrown away from Ron Paul.

And the most dangerous are votes taken from other candidates, and then consolidated into a candidate favorite. This is likely what happened in Maine where Ron Paul lost by ~100 votes to Romney. If only 50 dead people voted for Romney, and 25 were taken from the other two candidates, and none from Ron Paul, that’s a victory stolen without directly committing fraud against Ron Paul’s campaign.

What’s worse is that in many cases, the votes are “thrown out” after being counted. No such thing as a recount. Not to mention, these votes are not to elect a candidate to public office. They are cast to elect someone to run for public office, and are therefore not subject to the same laws.

Bottom line: the only real threat Ron Paul faces from here on out is outright fraud.

That aside, and if we keep hounding and pushing for him … he’s got this in the bag. Keep donating as much money as possible, and if you live outside the US, donate to organizations that support Ron Paul.


If you maintain the courage to see past the lies, Ron Paul will win the nomination, and will crush Barrack Obama in the general election — a win almost unparalleled in human history.

— Anthony Dream Johnson

About Anthony Dream Johnson

CEO, founder, and architect of The 21 Convention, Anthony Dream Johnson is the leading force behind the world's first and only "panorama event for life on earth". He has been featured on WGN Chicago, and in the NY Times #1 best seller The Four Hour Work Week.    His stated purpose for the work he does is "the actualization of the ideal man", a purpose that has led him to found and host The 21 Convention across 3 continents and for 6 years in a row. Anthony blogs vigorously at and

10 Responses to To the Readers of this Blog … What’s the scoop on Ron Paul?

  1. Grit March 11, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

    Can you explain why a RPer would want to win unbound delegate positions for the other 3?

    • Grit March 11, 2012 at 5:17 pm #

      I answered my own question. For those of you who don’t get it, some republican conventions will screen based on professed candidate. RPers need to fill the county delegate positions, and since they are unbounded, are perfectly free to change their position to RP at the primary in Tampa.

  2. n0religion March 11, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    I attended my local causes to vote for Paul. The Mormons brought half their church out just to vote out of loyalty to their religious group. It was split almost exactly 50/50 along the lines of freedom vs. Mormonism.

  3. Cody March 11, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

    I’m pretty sure no doctor has told me that leading a sedentary lifestyle was healthy. Your points fall flat, welcome to the denial stage.

    • Shickalee March 16, 2012 at 10:44 am #

      If you want Dr. Paul to have a 3rd party option to run if he isn’t the GOP nominee, you need to do the following:

      Submitted by sk112988 on Thu, 03/15/2012 – 20:46
      in Ron Paul 2012

      There is a lot of talk about Ron Paul running 3rd party if he isn’t the nominee, and I’m sure we would all love to have him on the ballot in November instead of having to write him in. What people don’t realize is how hard it actually is to run a national campaign as a third-party candidate.

      So, if you want to leave the option open for RP to run third party, unarguably the best way we can do it is to make him the American’s Elect nominee. If he is nominated directly by the American people, there can’t really be a lot of backlash if he were to accept that nomination, as opposed to what would result from something like the Libertarian party.

      Also, this would be a huge advantage for him because he would already be on the ballot in every state, would be included in Presidential debates, and would have some other organization backing his independent run in addition to just us supporters.

      For him to qualify, we have less than 53 days to get 1,000 supporters in 10 of the 50 states. If we drop the ball on this we can no longer declare ourselves the campaign of the internet. Let’s leave all options open for Dr. Paul and make it as easy as possible if he were to run third party.

      Spread the word far and wide! He has 4,673 supporters registered, but we are currently 0/10 on the ten states with 1,000 supporters requirement. Top States are: CA: 443, TX: 355, FL: 268, NY: 233, PA: 197, OH: 181, MI: 179, VA: 162, WA: 161, NC: 146.

      EDIT: Lots of people commenting about how American’s Elect is a “con”, “rothschild organization”, etc. Even if that is true, so what? We are all voting in the GOP primaries aren’t we? How is that any different? Yes you put your information in, and have to answer some questions in order to become a delegate, but it isn’t anything they couldn’t find out pretty easily already.

      Leave all options on the table. This does not interfere with current plans. It is a plan “C”

      Plan A: Win the nomination
      Plan B: Win the nomination through delegates
      Plan C: Stay in the national conversation via a third party run.

      Worst case- he doesn’t get the AE nomination.
      Best case- RP is the nominee, on the ballot in all 50 states, and is given the option to either accept or decline the AE nomination after being chosen directly by the American people.

      He either doesn’t get this nomination and we end up where we are now without putting in much effort, he gets the nomination and declines it (which makes him look like a boss turning down yet another request), or he gets the nomination and accepts it which allows him to continue his presidential run if things do not work out with the GOP.

      Let’s do what we can to leave all options open for Dr. Paul, and leave it up to him to decide whether to accept or decline the offer.

  4. TC March 26, 2012 at 10:53 pm #

    If what you’re saying is true, the Republican establishment will do everything in their power to make sure Ron Paul has no chance at the nomination. They will even change the rules right before or after elections, which they’ve already done. Paul is the only one who has a chance against Obama.

  5. Lol that's totally not going to happen May 23, 2012 at 5:50 am #


  6. Herpin May 23, 2012 at 2:11 pm #

    At least you’re honest that Paul supporters are trolls.

    Is it legitimate? Sure. Is it ethical? No.

    The fact that you twits have to stoop as low as those you despise for the foam #1 finger is pathetic.

    • Anthony Dream Johnson May 23, 2012 at 3:04 pm #

      Is it ethical?


      This is the funniest comment I’ve read in a while.

      Yes, fighting to save your country from collectivist/altruist/neoconservative scumbags is most certainly ethical. There are few measures Paul supporters could take in this situation that would be unethical.

      Clueless little sheep. Wake up. The world is a great place when you start thinking for yourself.

      Edit: the troll image was included for comedic purposes, not because Paulites are trolls.

      • Herpin May 23, 2012 at 10:43 pm #

        Open your history book and look back on the country when state’s rights were better, when we had our currency pegged to gold.

        “Yes, fighting to save your country from collectivist/altruist/neoconservative scumbags is most certainly ethical.”

        I’d consider that partially noble, wait, explain why I should be against Altruism? Although you, like everyone else in our country looking for a brighter future, are wanting to work towards that (or whatever it is you’re shooting for), I don’t think picking Ron Paul would actually change anything net-wise in a positive light.

        “Clueless little sheep. Wake up. The world is a great place when you start thinking for yourself.”

        I do, which is why I don’t follow obvious glittering generalities and are extremely skeptical of people, especially group movements. A PUA calling me a sheep is a bit funny though.

        Here’s a good idea: If you want to change your government, why don’t you start at the local level and work your way up, like what I’m doing.

        A good question, I wonder if the Ron Paul movement is turning into a religion? After all, I suspect another upcoming moneybomb, and there’s nothing more like a religion than using catch phrases to bring the cash in.

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