What Have You Done Today?

From a commenter on Clarifying “Uncertainty over Unhappiness” (link)

Anthony I think this is a story you will like to hear.


This happened two days ago. Me and one of my good friends (or so i thought) moved to British Columbia with his money that he had inherited from a relative (90 thousand dollars) . As far as i was concerned it was me and him alone in BC. i didn’t know anyone but him.


At first it was all good we had a great time and we partied it up for the first few days. Then we had to look for a place to live and do some serious things. Shit turned sour and me being the friend who had no power what so ever was in grave danger. He was not the person i thought he was, not even close!. So i sucked it up and took the abuse. I would argue and not go quietly over some of the decisions i didn’t like but in the end he would prevail as he had the final say. In the end of the two weeks that we had stayed in BC i had pure hatred for my friend.


Being Homeless scared the shit out of me and i wanted to try and survive as long as i could to figure out a plan. I read this post while this was happening during the couple weeks. I just had so much hatred for this person i could not take it anymore.


I turned to my friend as he asked me why i am being a baby and to speak my mind and say what im crying about. (i was not crying, just ignoring him at that time) At this moment I thought of you Anthony and i thought there is no way i will continue to be a tool to this monster. i refuse to allow him to have power over me and i choose uncertainty! My fear will not control me. I will be a slave no longer and i don’t care what it takes. I need to be free, independent, and happy. and i did what i had been afraid of doing . “FUCK IT” i said in my head. “You know what” i said while standing up, while turning to face him. ” I do not like you at all” ” I really don’t like you” “I cant stand you one bit” In which he replied ” I think you need to leave right now” So i packed my stuff while continuing to say everything i hated about him. I could tell he thought i was joking around and wasn’t serious until i had all my stuff ready to go and was seconds from leaving. Then he said “I was kidding i just wanted you to say what was on your mind” Which is a fucked up thing to do and solidified my decision to leave. I walked out with 100lbs and started my trek not knowing where i was going. I was ready to start out fresh and would do anything it takes to get back on my feet. With no money, no map, no phone and in a completely new place.


That choice i made was the best thing i have ever done and i am truly happy for that decision.


This is what happened after i trekked 5 miles on the highway.

A guy picked me up and drove me to the nearest big city, payed for a motel for me and gave me 50$. With that money i then called my mom , Who told me apparently i have family here in BC who i have met only once or twice at a young age. They are letting me live with them and gave me a job as well. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!


Not sure how my writing is i have not wrote anything like this in a while. I tried to sum it up as best as possible i feel i have got my message across.I hope it is clear.



If there were ever a difference between physical and psychological age, this is it.

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  1. Daniel March 26, 2011 at 9:01 pm #

    Inspiring. Thank you for posting the story James and Anthony.

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