20 Pages of Notes on Dr. McGuff’s Speech

Tim Horine from http://www.menspsychology.com/ wrote 20 pages of notes on Dr. McGuff’s speech. They are below as was sent to me (which is raw and not edited for grammar/spelling). I’m assuming they are pretty awesome regardless. Cheers. Oh, and here is the speech if you haven’t seen it yet.


T21C Day 3 July 25th 2010: Doug McGuff


“Doug is one of the wisest men of our time, and so underappreciated and undervalued, its almost indescribable.” – Anthony Dream Johnson.


Doug did HIT 3 times/week during college, medschool, upper 30s


1) have the opportunity to hear it

2) to actually have listened to it

it would have been amazing how much Doug’s Life would have progressed.


Arthur Jones Nautilus HIT training camp, but it was 15-20 different movements, 3 days/week through college, medschool, residency, late 30s early 40s, and felt like hammered dogshit.

-If he knew the minimal amount necessary to trigger adaptive response and get enough rest.

All of his life would have been much more enjoyable in a recovered state.


Everything that Mark Sisson said the paleolithic diet, and that its correct, even though 80% of what he said will go severely against the grain of standard medical practice.


Drew Baye: How to workout

Doug McGuff: Why you workout, which if you understand, you will be able to embrace the How to workout.


1) do not overtrain

2) eat like mark Sisson told you.


5:40 we are all here for self improvement,

physically, mentally, intellectually, and to pursue the best woman we can find.



-All of this drive for self-improvement that we all embrace….

— It’s not about us.


Everything we are here to do is driven by DNA.

its a self replicating hormone

DNA’s sole purpose: to make xerox copies of itself and propogate itself into the future


DNA looks at you as a leased vehicle, to transport itself into the future.

all behaviors and desires are driven by that.


That comes to bear out in the kind of workout you do, and the diet you eat.


7:20 The story of DNA is true for her as well.

Your Genetic Fitness, her DNA is assessing DNA,

Examples: the buff handsome guy gets rejected, the OK looking guy gets the girl



its has a lot to do with DNA


The instantaneous assessment, is assessing the health of your DNA relative to their DNA and the success of propagation into the future.

Your being sized up in an instant.

Many time’s its not the technique.


Women will make the decision before you say a word, and a lot of times, they’ve made it by smell, or by sight.

Your DNA encodes in it genes for Human Leukocyte Antigen

HLA: all humans have a particular combination of HLA genes

– as a consequence of a your genotype, you have a particular constellation of HLA Antibodies, and so does she.

– if she has antibodies to your HLA genotype, it doesn’t matter what you say, do, or how smooth you are, she will not be attracted to you.

– Don’t worry about it. and Do Not take anything personally.


Lower your expectations, and try a lot, because its a numbers game, whether you are successful or not has very little to do with your approach, and a lot to do your DNA and her DNA.


Make a lot of approaches and don’t be afraid of failure.


“You know, In my life I’ve learned to just walk up to women and ask them if they want to fuck. I’ve been slapped a lot…, but I get fucked a lot too.”

– Arthur Jones 81, Chauvinist pig extraordinaire, who attracted Doug’s wife at age 81


so Roll the Dice Gentlemen!



Book Recommendation: The Red Queen by Matt Ridley

– to put dating efforts in proper context

– its evolutionary biology on sexual behavior

– you will learn more about

– yourself

– women

– your approach to women

and learning how birds, bees, chipmunks, and squirrels do it, and why they do it, and what predicates certain behaviors

-how you tell the difference between a golddigger and a cuckholder

-everything you can learn about any subject is best viewed in a context of evolutionary biology.




11:30 Exercise: not overtraining


Publishers are good at 2 things: distribution

1) Cover art


Subtitle: a Research based program for Strength Training, bodybuilding, and complete fitness in 12 minutes a week.


Research Based: none of the information is based on faith, only backed up by scientific literature.

-research takes theories generated by an understanding of basic science and tests them.

-based on results in an empirical basis


it wasn’t enough to generate a theorem, where enough people started to pick up the theorem, and enough data accumulated where we could produce a book, where everything said in it was footnoted and documented with peer reviewed scientific literature.


for Strength Training, bodybuilding, and complete fitness:

which if you understand the essence of exercise, you will figure out that strength training, bodybuilding, complete fitness are all one in the same.


The Foundation of Exercise: The only way you can get at any metabolic segment of your body, or any working organ of your body, is by doing mechanical work with muscle.


some people will do the same exact workout protocol and get different results

remember: its not about us, its about DNA..


So the phenotype: (changeable traits you express) you generate with this protocol will be different from you, than the phenotype of a person with different DNA genetic Makeup is going to produce.


Example: Patrick and Doug McGuff, almost identical workout, but patrick is far leaner and more muscular

Doug: a little more blocky, a little higher percentage of bodyfat.


Key: When you do proper exercise, you will get the best phenotypic expression for you based on your genotype.


-When someone of the opposite sex is making an assessment of you, the instantaneous thing thats going on on the subconscious level, is an assessment of your health and robustness.


When you optimize whatever your best phenotypic expression is, even if you wish you looked like Mark Sisson, Patrick, or _______, it doesn’t matter because what you get is the best YOU possible. And that is what will get your foot in the door for everything that you are looking for.

17:00 Interleukin 15: Strength Vs. Size

some people get either really strength, but not a lot of muscle mass

you either generate a lot of size but not a lot of strength


Double Insertion: Big, Muscular, all swollen up, but not able to demonstrate much strength in the gym.


Double Deletion: Both parents negative) extraordinarily strong, but doesn’t get that big.



Father (+) Insertion Large Size Father Deletion

Large Strength

Mother (+) Insertion (Large Size) Extremely Large Size to low strength ratio

Mother (-) Deletion (Large Strength) Extremely Large Strength to low size ratio



There is nothing you can do about it, but whatever way it goes for you, is the best way for you, since your genome determines that for you ahead of time.

Some people: strengthtraining component is bigger,

Some people: bodybuilding component is bigger,

All people: complete fitness guaranteed, since you get Global Metabolic Conditioning.


18:41 Extraordinary claims require extraordinary truth.

Most fitness is “learned” through media and magazines.

Same headlines and same stories rehashed.

We believe them due to built in genetic DNA driven way of thinking that we have.


Our Brains are not built for truth, our Brains are built for survival.

other than seeing cause and effect, its more efficacious to jump to a conclusion.


on a primitive level, we see a rabbit, we go out on a hunt, we strike out, we don’t get anything, next time we sacrifice a rabbit before we go out hunting.


Example: people think that if you swim, you will get the long body of a swimmer. however, its the assumption that the activity selects the phenotype, not that the bodytype has selected a particular activity.


Example: if you go through a swim meet, by the end of the meet you will see that the bodies of all the swimmers will look like a row of clones of the same body type.


through phenotype and then competition, you get the ideal person for that


Heuristics: Mistakes of observation.

-our way of thinking that allows us to survive, we don’t have time to deliberate truth from non truth in Hunter Gather times. We needed to make quick decisions in life and death circumstances, so we parsed out a more effective way of doing that, and in so doing, we made ourselves easy to exploit.


right now, there are women doing Yoga because Madonna does yoga.

you can take this Heuristic mistake in thinking and exploit it. You can make think that if person does X, then it produces why.


They take these models, and it will not be true for you, but if you do a proper protocol, you will become the best you, that you can be.

24:22 The industry of health and industry of fitness are two different industries.

As you do more fitness, so does health, not necessarily true.


They never define their terms of health and fitness.



1) a lack of disease

1) an appropriate balance of catabolic and anabolic state.


Catabolic State: anything that results in tissue breakdown, destruction, or turnover.


Anabolic State: anything that results from energy input and construction or building.



Majority of people suffer from imbalance of Anabolic state way too large relative to Catabolic state.


Continuous process of energy consumption, and continued process of trying to drive growth.

which produces unhealthy state:

you DNA then makes assessments on how to propagate itself into the future.

If you are full (replete) with energy, then your DNA’s assessment is that there is enough bounty around to propagate ourselves into the future effectively by reproduction.



-sexual maturation occurs quickly

-reproduction occurs quickly

-women reach menarche eariler,

now a days as early as age 9.


20-30 years ago, women didn’t reach menarche until they were 15 years old, hence the Quinceañera: women used to have their 15th birthday be the time of their first period.


The problem: also results in accelerated disease processes and accelerated aging.


In catabolic state: depletion of energy the best way to have DNA propagate itself into future is not offspring, because offspring require an abundance of energy, is to go under DNA repair processes.


So the balance between anabolic and catabolic state is what keeps you healthy.


when it is out of balance, that is when you have health problems, and body composition goes to crap


In terms of catabolic and anabolic state, with completely wrong food, our generation is the first generation that has been poisoned in this en utero.

2010 is the first year that there is an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes in 9 year olds.


we have been poisoned starting en utero, all people in 80’s who had diarhea were given a soy formula. which is the hormonal equivalent of putting the baby on birth control pills.


This wreaked havoc on the body and set the stage for us to have problems with our weight, insulin control, the ability to gain muscle, and response to exercise.


Now, lets say you get the conventional wisdom bug,

you do more and more and more, all of a sudden you get too much exercise


Too Much Exercise: Excess Catabolic State to Anabolic State ratio

not enough calories, you overtrain.


Result: you produce systemic inflammation


-your fitness can undermine your health.

so, they do insufficient intensity, and produce and inefficient response.


Therefore they overcompensate by doing too much frequency, and not enough volume.


Arthur Devany: one of the Fathers of evolutionary fitness of HIT.


physiologic headroom: the range of the most and the least you can do.


As your physiological age increases, your physiological headroom gradually decreases.


Death = If you have a day where the least you can do equals the most you can you.


unfortunately, most are already 1/2 way down due to the mistake of soy formula.


What you want, and can achieve is to preserve the physiological headroom, and you can even progress it to increase it and preserve it to that level until the day you die, so you just die like a healthy horse.


33:00 underlying biochemistry.


Your body response to signals and the hormonal environment.

Signals rule EVERYTHING in Biology.


Your job: use your free will and large brain to have the right knowledge to make the correct decision to produce the appropriate signal, to produce the adaptive response (with


The signal: is a threatful and negative thing

what that means to you: it must be done with the appropriate dose of frequency, volume and intensity.


Signal: weakness and fatigue, momentary muscular failure.

response: produce a response to be able to compensate so that muscular failure does not happen at the same signal, and adapt with muscle so that it can take on that negative signal incase a larger signal of threat is given to our body within the near future.


Instinctually, its a intense panic: came from millions of years of evolution


When you match the fatigue and close the window between you and the stress, you will feel the panic and want to escape, since the stress may lead to death (Fight or Flight).


Until you get to the point when you reach 69% of the units of force you can maximally produce, then you have now reach muscular fatigue/muscular failure.


This happens due to the force output not able to exceed the volume (Weight) selected.


However, this is where your large brain kicks in, and you can use your discipline and knowledge to override the instinct to stop, and continue to produce force for an additional 5-10 seconds.


This extremely strong stress signal: What takes 90 seconds, is a rate and depth of fatigue that says, you almost died and was near a stalemate.


Adaptive Response: you will now have 110% maximum units of strength relative to the last workout (given you have correct dose of frequency: enough time for proper amount of rest) before you attempt to do the next WOW.


AND, the 70% of maximum units of strength (where momentary muscular fatigue failure occurred), will be at 80% where it was last time.


For muscular synthesis, it must be done De Novo. (out of the blue, out of the materials and energy consumed your body.


The time needed is typically around 5-10 days, averaging 7. You can go up and down (or even as much as 14 days if needed.


IF you do not have the correct frequency, by doing too much, you will make the mistake of interfering with the response, because it need TIME to produce the best potential adaptive response for your genotype and phenotype.


That is where the 12- 15 minute maximum comes from.


IF you combine this level of fatigue with skill based technique, you will get fatigued, sloppy, you can get injured = Reduction in health.


IF you do with with slow, smooth, correct form, and safely, you will be too weak to injure yourself = Increase in health.

The correct focus: Effort (intensity) not technique, and obtain that by depth of fatigue.


NO omnivore in nature eats 3 meals and 2 snacks/day.


problem is, they have hormonal imbalances that produce an imbalance in hunger.




You end up eating about 2 meals a day on some days.


48:17 How often to tweak and change the workout.

You will be surprised to see how far you can go.

Muscle and joint function does NOT change much over time.


Real Key: let the time increase and step up the volume and intensity.

The tweaks in the machines use will alternate movements and get over the sticking point “progression speed bumps”


50:20 how often do you workout if you train for sports?


unfortunately, you will probably reduce your strength due to inability to have correct frequency, and too much fatigue, and reduces fastest twitch motor units.


They fatigue quickly and recover slowly.


The best way to do convince your coach is to do the Big 5 workout in the offseason and show your before and after results to the coaches at the start of the training season for that sport.


52:29 What about doing Big 5 and Martial Arts?


It will help if you start doing a sport like martial arts, because it is a skill training

BBS: Physical conditioning

Sport/recreation: Skill training.


You want to entrain the motor-neuro pathways. (dog trail in backyard) that is most efficient for the skills you are learning.


Compete when you are fully recovered.


What to do: look at the skill and back engineer your workout around your sporting activity. So you make certain that when you practice your skill, you’ve had enough recovery time.


You can push your workout to every 10th day, and you will be able to work the skill, and be able to build at the same time. So you can build the workout around your life, instead of your life around your workout.


55:00 How incorporating recreation (play)

(and yes, it applies to cardiovascular)

1. Leg press

2. Lat Pulldown

3. Chest Press

4. Row (horizontal plane)

5. Overhead Shoulder Press


Play will not interfere with the recovery too much, since the intensity is so low, and has a minimal amount of interference with recovery.


IF you have a workout every 5th day, no progress,

push to 7 days

if you have progress, hold it at 7

no progress, skip a week,

continue at every 7 days, 2-3 weeks,

skip a week,

or go every 10th days.

or mix it up

or for 1/3 workouts, flip a coin, and if heads then workout, if not, then skip it.


it doesn’t matter as long as you get the recovery.

Do it as long as your life and recreation are in the driver seat, not the workout.


-in the end, that will give you the best results


58:40 Book, The Red Queen. Life expectancy, and why we should base it off of evolutionary biology, even though the average life expectancy was much less.


most deaths were from newborn deaths, (check out historical graveyards) 1/3 will be infants. The average is skewed by mortality rate and so the average was to be 30 years instead of 72 years.


Technology and Capitalism: we can make mistakes, and not pay for it in death.


“Stupidity is not a crime, but is punishable by death. Nature is a hanging judge.”

-ER Medicine, Doug McGuff.


That is where the Hunter-gathers bit the dust.

Fossils do show robust healthy longer living than the 30 year average death.


Haza tribe in central Africa: few pure hunter-gather tribes, child must survive 3 lunar cycles to be considered a born human.


as a psychological defense mechanism protect themselves from the high infant mortality rate


Also, a selection bias, if you survive 3 lunar cycles, you are good genetic material, and so its loaded in their favor.


1:02:40 MedSchool Biochemistry


The cell: 70% liquid. ectoplasmic goo called cytocell.


The Mitochondria: powerhouse of cell


Glucose passes through insulin receptor into interior of the cell.

Inside the cell: proteins and enzymes, that alter the chemical structure of glucose,

which generate energy in the form of phosphates, that can be used to drive the machinery of the cell.

(in a way its like generating biodiesel)

GO through 20 step process, with a waste called pyruvate.


this produced 4 AdenosineTriPhosphate (without Oxygen: Anaerobic metabolism)

This was the beginning of animals


Protobacteria and viruses got inside the cell, and developed a symbiotic relationship with the cell, and ate the pyruvate waste products of the cell.


-during this time, Oxygen became present in our atmosphere.

Therefore the protobacteria learned how to extract energy, from the pyruvate waste product.


So the parasite became an organelle, which uses the pyruvate and cycle it through the Krebs cycle, which produced 32 ATP.

They stopped being parasites and bacteria and became organelles, which became a part of our energy architecture.


The part that incurs inside the mitochondria driven by Oxygen is called Aerobic metabolism.


NOW, with that all in mind, the Anaerobic cycle of energy really Hauls Ass, where as it takes a lot more time for the Krebs cycle to Kick in.


So you can turn the Anaerobic metabolism crank faster than the aerobic crank, which means that you can create more pyruvate at a faster rate than your mitochondria can use it.

Lactate Dehydrogenase: an enzyme that acts upon the pyruvate, and creates lactic acid.


When you do an HIT session, you will process the anaerobic cycle as fast as it can go.

The only way to maximally stimulate the Aerobic metabolic cycle is to deliver as much substrate as it can handle


All of the lactic acid then is brought back through the central vein in your liver.


The Liver cells converts the lactic acid back to pyruvate, sends it through the blood stream, back to the mitochondria, and gets shuttled through the krebs aerobic cycle again, for the next hour and a half after your workout. You are getting a superior aerobic workout compared to walking on a treadmill for the same period of time.


So you are upregulating the krebs aerobic metabolic cycle during the recovery period 90 minutes after the workout.


Doug’s resting heart rate: 48-50 beats per minute. thanks to a trained mitochondria


1:08:20 Mark Sisson’s Diet and how its fits in.



If fully anabolic is out of balance with catabolic.

Then you have plenty of energy coming in, but, Citrate, is a byproduct that gets stacked up.


Citrate: acts as a feedback mechanism to a linch pin enzyme PhosphoFructoKinase.



PFK: Is like a thermostat that regulates and senses the amount of metabolism, but the Citrate is the cold air that comes out of the vents to cool you down.


But in the environment with too much carbohydrate and lots of glucose.

Citrate comes up and blocks PhosphoFructoKinase.


As a result, you can’t store the glucose into the cell, so fortunately the enzymes are bidirectional and then bring the glucose and goes backwards, because it binds to proteins called glycation byproducts, which mucks up the machinery like pouring syrup on the keyboard.

It doesn’t want it, so it moves the glucose by the enzyme glycogen synthase.

So you store the glucose in a different form called glycogen, which gets stored into your liver and into your muscle.

But you store about 70 grams of glycogen in the liver, and 200 grams of glycogen in your muscle.

Liver: to maintain a stable blood glucose, which is important for the brain.

Thanks to the Omega 3’s eaten by some human who ate fish from the ocean.

However, the brain needs the constant influx of energy, glycogen, so its there for the brain to keep working.


Muscle Glycogen: emergency on sight usage.


The most likely time to need the muscle glycogen is when its eating. On a dime, it needs to turn its metabolism from anabolic to catabolic.


It does that by cleaving 1,000s of molecules of glycogen out of the muscle, for on site usage for the cycle in your cell to work to create pyruvate.


So it goes back to the liver and glycogen. However, if you have all of the glycogen is stored, then the glucose gets stuck at PhosphoFructoKinase, so through a process in a high energy state, fructose get converted to glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate.

You get 3 chained together and it creates Triglycerides, and get stored as bodyfat.


Glucose starts to stack up into blood stream, so your body creates more insulin, but it doesn’t want to have insulin bring glucose into the cell, because its trying to prevent it from having glycation damage.


Therefore, it decreases the amount of insulin receptor cells on your muscle cells and other cells in your body, except in 1 place: your bodyfat insulin receptors.

Besides an energy storage, it protects yourself from glycation byproducts, to a certain point, so what ends up happening is called internal starvation, and so a few things happen.

glucose stacks up

insulin levels increase and become high

insulin receptors go down, except for your bodyfat stores.


However, if your energy levels start to wain, you can’t tap any energy out of your stored bodyfat, because the enzye: Hormone Sensative Lipase is sensitive to insulin.


Insulin does not allow you to tap bodyfat,


so with elevated serum insulin, you can’t mobilize bodyfat, so what happens is as soon as energy levels start to wain, you become ravenously hungry, because you need to jack up your energy levels short term, but you can’t tap it out of bodyfat stores.


1:15:05 CT scans, even in extremely obese, where they lift weigths all the time, their muscles are extremely atrophies. The external oblique muscle are paper thin, and to the point of almost bursting.

and their spine is the size of a whiteboard marker, because they have nutrient partitioning that doesn’t allow any energy to mobilize anywhere, but bodyfat, so its nearly impossible to support preservation of muscle mass, so they are starving within an encasement of blubber.


So the derangement of metabolism of energy: Its like an overflowing tub.


With eating like the primal blueprint, its like pulling the drain plug with HIT.


1:16:45 Amplification cascade

HIT: it mobilizes the glucose that gets cleaved out of the glycogen is done by Amplification Cascade.

A series of 5 enzymes,

Enzyme 1

activates 1,000 of enzyme 2:

1,000 of Enzyme 2 actives activates 1,000,000 of enzymes 3

1,000,000 enzyme 3 activate 1,000,000,000 of enzyme 4

1,000,000,000, of enzymes 4 activate 1,000,000,000,000 of enzymes 5


So, HIT cleaves out massive amounts of glycogen out of muscle, empties it, and produces a need for insulin sensitivity to be restored on the muscle cell.


Therefore what happens:

1) glucose in blood decrease

2) Serum insulin levels decrease

3) And then the process that was blocked at the PhosphoFructoKinase doesn’t have to detour to bodyfat, but can now go back to the Krebs Aerobic Cycle.


The Synergetstic effect of eating well, and HIT will auto regulate towards ideal body composition.

Most Males: 10-11% Bodyfat

Most Females: 18% Bodyfat.


Example: Patrick’s Phenotype: 5% bodyfat.


You will autoregulate towards what’s best for you. It’s your birthright, and will be encoded into your DNA, and is only screwed up thanks to misapplication through knowledge and technology.


1:18:50 Fructose


Overconsumption Carbs and Glucose is responsible for the problem.

Once you are in the state of a full tank of glycogen, this is what happens


The bodyfat storage.


A Benzene and Aromatic pentene ring are bonded, a sucrase enzyme in your saliva,


fructose has the unique property of having the ability to go into cells without the need of insulin receptors.


It diffuses straight through the cell, and then goes straight to Bodyfat.


The difference between Doug McGuff’s childhood and the present generation born after 1981.



Before 1981:

Sugar was right on the nutrition label and can easily be identified by the parents to not buy it.


1981:Arthur Daniels Mitchell created High Fructose Corn syrup.


The problem with High Fructose corn syrup: it is EVERYWHERE, and hard not to find it in most products, since sugar canes must be grown in the carribbean, but the price goes up when there is the tropical storms and hurricane season.






pizza sauce

peanut butter.




When you can get a more economical source from agriculture.


The biggest problem: most people are in the state of bodyfat storage already.


1:23:00 Question: Ketone Body Metabolism.

Book: Good calories, bad calories.


Brain chemistry of carb addiction.


Ketone Bodies: byproduct of metabolism of fatty acids.


When you mobilize bodyfat, certain Fatty acids,


When Certain Fatty Acids go through the krebs cycle: they go through beta oxidation.

They use an energy process that ends up generating 96 ATP! (32 x3)


By products that get thrown off of are keto: aceto acetic acid, (Acetone)

or β-hydroxybutyrate.


It is the byproduct of the metabolism.

The vast majority is eliminated through your breath (which you can smell when your ketotic , and your urine.


Fruity, muster odor to your breath


Ketogenesis (taken from wikipedia)


Each of the 3 acetones are synthesized from acetyl-CoA molecules


3 types of Ketone bodies


– which if not oxidized to form usable energy, is the source of the 2 other ketone bodies Below.


Acetone: not used as an energy source, but is instead exhaled, or excreted as waste.


β-hydroxybutyrate: which is not, in a ketone according to IUPAC nomenclature.


The vast majority is eliminated through your breath (which you can smell when your ketotic , and your urine.

Ketone: byproduct of metabolism that we adapted to during times of hunter-gatherer since when our bodies didn’t eat enough glucose, our brains could use ketones derived from fat stores, in order to function and survive


Awesome Fact: Motor Neuro Testing

Ketosis: better performance

glucose: not as good performance


Coordination, and balance


In HG: If you started to mobilize bodyfat and produce ketone, it makes you sharper and more successful hunting and gathering.


1:26:10 Which is the Default?

Dr. Harris Paleonue blog:

ketones are the default, glucose is for survival when starving.


Ketone metabolism and fat metabolism are not the same.

It takes small amount of glucose of very small of glucogenic amino acids, to provide enough metabolic byproduct to keep you out of ketosis.


Kurt Harris, Default metabolic state: fat burner.

based on


1) energy output 96 ATP.


therefore its out predominant metabolic default.


For HG Very little of the caloric content would be carbohydrate, unless its the 2 week block at the end of summer, beginning of fall, (harvest season)

fruit seasons



besides that carbs would be the smallest macronutrient among all of the foods that are gathered.


we have metabolism that evolved, to store energy based on this signal.

Your body asks: Is there any abundance, of that which is least abundant in my environment?


If there is an abundance of carbohydrates, (that which is least abundant in my environment), then that is my signal that it is OK to store bodyfat.


Why the whole process is driven by insulin.


Somehow the fitness industry is calories in vs. calories out. If we actually burned what the treadmill said, then we would not have survived a trip to the grocery store.


why people freak out when they hear ketosis:

people think of diabetic ketoacidosis:

Diabetic you don’t make any insulin, so you make a ton of glucose that can’t get into the cell.

Its as if the PKF is calling for pizza over and over again, delivery guys show up, but there isn’t a door that can open up (insulin receptors), so then the default becomes to mobilize bodyfat.


No glucose can enter the cell

-no gluconeogenic amino acids to buffer the production of byproduct of ketone.

therefore the person must aggresively tap your bodyfat stores,

you develop a ketoacidosis, which is a disease state.


1:31:00 Carbohydrate crave:

you have beat a metabolic trail of fructose to bodyfat. Part of this trail to bodyfat is a high energy state produces the energy byproduct NADPH

NADPH: a high energy phosphate bond material.


It drives metabolic processes that produce byproducts, that interfere with 2 other hormones: that tells you when to stop eating






-Leptin: hormone produced by bodyfat, signals brain that we have enough bodyfat and that its time to stop eating


-Grehlin: activated by fat through a hormone: Cholecystokinin

-gives sensation of fullness in stomach.


Both get interfered by NADPH, and reduces the sensitivity of Grehlin and Leptin.

So, it doesn’t work as well in the brain.

Leptin is secreted by fat cell, because fat should have a diminishing marginal utility, in a proper environment (consumption). It does good to have some stored bodyfat (10-11% for men)


But, at somepoint, the amount stored, and the incrementalmetabolic cost of carrying it around, is more than the potential energy benefit of having it. (like gypsies, the cost of pulling the wagon exceeds the benefit of whats in the wagon)


However, the NADPH binds to the leptin thereby preventing it from crossing the blood brain barrier, where it can send the message to stop eating and storing fat but fails to do so since it cant cross the blood brain barrier.


So if you have that done over a long time, the dog trail doesn’t fade automatically, therefore leaving the craving of carbs. it takes time for it to fade.


1:33:10 Muscular adaption vs. cardiovascular adaption.

how to explain to cardiobunnies why its better.


her question is not even correct, based on false assumption:

somehow the krebs aerobic metabolism in mitochondria is somehow uniqely magically connected directly to the cardiovascular system, and thinks the rest of the cell is not involved, which is physiologicall impossible.


Aerobic does NOT equal cardiovascular, but its NOT.

“Aerobics rooms” became “Cardiotheatres” in people’s lexicon. Its not true,


-The Heart and Blood Vessels support the entirety of metabolism (Global Metabolic Conditioning

the only way to get the Global Metabolic Conditioning is by doing mechanical work with muscle.

And to the extend that you do a higher quality of mechanical work with muscle, the higher the quality of the cardiovascular stimulus is going to be (cardiovascular workout)


Even if the assumption of aerobic = cardio, you can only ramp up cardio maximally, if you give it substrate at the fastest rate possible.

and then afterwards, it gets converted back to substrate and continues to ramp it up in the mitochondria

The bigger issue,

The vast majority of Cardiovascular improvements.

people think that something in their heart and blood vessels gets better, which is true to a small extend, but it gets overstated way way to much.


The vast majority of Cardiovascular adaptations:

resting heart rate: 48

not due to heart and blood vessels, but rather an autonomic, nervous system autonomic adjustment to changes that have occured at the cellular level within the muscle itself.

-so low resting heart rate,

low blood pressure,

low, heart rate low,

good markers of health


they happen NOT in the heart, but the fact that all the enzymes and the linpinch enzymes that keep the whole process going, and Lactate dehydrogenaise, pyruvate dehydrogenaise, all the enzymes can UPREGULATE, and become more powerful and efficient.


When that happens, the heart has to work less hard, which is born out through the parameters that we measured.



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6 Responses to 20 Pages of Notes on Dr. McGuff’s Speech

  1. Passenger March 16, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

    BRAVO to whoever did this! Your notes are really good. We appreciate it!

  2. Tim Horine March 26, 2011 at 1:14 pm #

    No problem. It took quite a bit of time writing down most of it, but it also forced me to understand the biochemistry exponentially more than after the first time when I watched it through.

  3. SC February 2, 2013 at 7:08 pm #

    What does McGuff mean by cuckolder? Does he mean “slut” so to speak?

  4. Paul October 6, 2013 at 4:18 am #

    Anthony, doug seems to almost say that having game isnt important, i really thought it was and that women are attracted to confident men, is doug really saying theres no point learning game when womens attraction just come from dna and pre selection?

  5. kevin December 5, 2014 at 10:24 am #

    great post, i have been wayching this 21 convention event with dr mac guff over and over to get it right, thx for the transcrip, surely helps.

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