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Drew Baye Super Charged [Video]

  Drew Baye’s speeches at The 21 Convention are really good [link]. His interview in The Community Tapes is IMO, even better [link]. This video however, is I think, the best ever produced of him. It hit me during the filming just how valuable it was. Essentially, this is a video of Drew putting me through a full […]

What It’s Like Having Your House Robbed

My father was a contractor/home builder in South West Florida for over 25 years. He made it big, and then more or less got sucked into the housing bubble, eventually losing his ass — and his home, that he once owned free and clear (at the peak of the bubble, appraised for $1.6 million fiat […]


I think a lot of people see me today, and in recent years, and think I have always looked the way I do now. Hairy Healthy Lean Muscular Smooth hair and skin Mostly hairy. This is in no way representative of how I grew up though, particularly in regards to acne. Even this picture sucks […]

2 Things That Made Me Cry

Conventional wisdom tells us that “manly men” don’t cry. And if they do, they don’t tell anyone about it. Keep it bottled up like the dark, shameful secret that it is — right? I call bullshit — an epic load of it. To the contrary, fully rational men are also deeply, and passionately emotional. The […]