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Blood Test Results After “Lubing my Arteries with Butter” for 3+ Years

In spite of the diet I have practiced for well over 3 years now (which I’ll discuss in a moment), I’ve never been very interested in getting blood work done. My thinking has always been, why should I care about results that even the people taking or requesting them don’t understand. Point blank: if a […]

The Pinnacle of Stupidity

  A former political leader in the US cannot make a conceptual distinction between free will and voluntary action, even after having it explained to him in the simplest terms possible. This guy is not even a liar — he’s just fucking stupid.

Death Penalty for Lemonade Sales

  Sell lemonade without a permit in your front yard, stop, or face thousands in fines, and/or imprisonment. Refuse to pay, refuse to be locked in a cage, and you’ll be shot when you defend yourself. Grow a tree in your back yard? If it’s not the right kind, you’ll be forced to remove it. […]

Ron Paul is Right: A Draft is Coming

  I’ve talked about military slavery — aka “the draft” — a lot on this blog. I talk about it because I hate it so much. I talk about it because it is one of the “lines in the sand” for me. It’s a line I will never allow anyone to cross. Which literally means […]

Upcoming Events

There are half a dozen upcoming events you should consider attending this year. In chronological order they include, PaleoFX 2012 (March) DDS 2012 (March) Primal Con 2012 (April) T21C 2012 (London) (June) T21C 2012 (Austin) (August) T21C 2012 (Melbourne) (November/December) I’ll be at PaleoFX 2012, all three 21 Conventions, and there is a slim chance I’ll make it to Primal Con. […]