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The Most Important Relationship in Your Life

  This is Greg Swann speaking at The 21 Convention Austin, on the most important relationship of your life : the relationship you hold with yourself. This was FANTASTIC to hear, in part, because it so closely echoes what Socrates has said at The 21 Convention. Sock and Greg got to meet at The 21 […]

Preserving Personal Freedom by Staying Out of the Belly of the Beast

  This is it, Doug McGuff’s full 2012 talk from The 21 Convention in Austin Texas. See the full T21C version here See Richard Nikoley’s post See Keith Norris’s post See Skyler’s post here Even when the content is a duplicate, I like using TDL as a personal spin on things. So I’ll do that […]

Dr. McGuff on Avoiding Bad Relationships

  Dr. Doug McGuff M.D. discusses the importance of avoiding bad relationships. Download the full length MP3.

TSC Belt Squat [video]

  This was a belt squat I did earlier today. You can see this in the video if you pay attention, but to spell it out clearly … built up some pressure started the clock built more pressure up for the first ~15 seconds maintained for the first half (45 seconds) gradually kicked it up […]

The 21 Convention 2012 MP3s are out NOW!!

It’s official, and on schedule : all 2012 high quality MP3 audio files are now out and ready to download! This includes all 38 presentations from The 21 Conventions 2012 of Austin Texas and London England (with Melbourne Australia coming up soon!). In total, over 30┬áhours of life changing, incredibly powerful presentations, from some of […]