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Do Leg Extensions Belong in a Museum?

Not long ago, this was to at least some degree, acceptable in a gym. Today we either laugh, cringe, or scratch our heads in wonderment when we see it (in an image alone). And what happened when this exercise fell out of favor? As far as I am aware, I am far too young to […]

When you know something, everything, and nothing all at the same time …

With enough consistency to notice, I’ve gotten the comment “you should stick to X topic because you know nothing about Y topic” for many, many years now. If it can even be called a comment, when and because it is so often a personal confession. A confession that a person “likes” what I have to […]

Does Renaissance Exercise Understand Proper Muscle & Joint Function? Apparently Not

“Renaissance Exercise equipment works the body in accordance with muscle and joint functions.” (1) “We are proud to represent a philosophy and protocol that can help so many people reach their health and fitness goals safely and efficiently.” (1) RenEx associate Ken Hutchins can be seen above instructing a client (or at least, what is […]