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Hyper Repetitions

(click to play) This is a short segment from the 2012 ARx presentation at The 21 Convention Austin. In it Mark Alexander of Efficient Exercise and ARx Fit discusses hyper repetitions and guides Keith Norris through a few using the trainer/practitioner remote. The power point screen makes it really interesting for the newcomer because unlike the […]

30-30-30 ARX Omni Pulldown

(click to play in new window) I saw Bill DeSimone post a link to the Dr. Darden forum. As I post this there is a server error with the entire website, so the original text is not available, but as I remember it the link was a discussion of a 30-30-30 protocol. 30 second negative 30 second positive […]

Why is “The Manosphere” Obsessed with Christianity?

Someone asked me here on TDL a while back what I thought about the Christian/semi-neo-conservative slant of “the manosphere”. While this post is not a deep discussion of such, I do want to make it known that I find it … baffling, or puzzling at best. As a commenter put it here, some of the […]

ARX Fit Professional [video]

This is a short video I found on the Efficient Exercise Youtube channel. I’ve seen it before but did not know it was online. (I was also in the area when this was filmed at Paleo FX 2012). In the video Skyler goes through a basic overview of the vertical and horizontal ARX Fit pieces. An […]

2012 in Review

(Click to play) I’ve considered writing a piece about 2012 for some time now. I’ve been waiting for adequate head room over the year itself, unlike most of these posts that are written five seconds after the year ends … I link the 21 Convention cinematic trailer above for one reason above all else : that was […]