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Just Like I Said, Don’t Chase

Morgan Freeman gets it. Don’t chase. It’s that simple, even if it’s not always easy. This truly is “the secret” to picking up women. Secret as in the most effective behavioral change you will *ever* make. Ever, ever, ever. And what does it mean on a deeper level? As you might have guessed, it’s a re-focusing on […]

If Your Feet Work, Use Them

“If your hand works, you should be using it during the exercise.” – Drew Baye (source) I am no fan of the leg extension. Much like barbell squats, I’ve questioned whether they belong in a museum, rather than gyms. While Drew Baye in no way endorses this post, his comment to me during that workout […]

Question from a reader : CrossFit/BBS/HIT | TDL Podcast

Short podcast answering questions from a reader in regards to Crossfit, Body by Science, and high intensity training. Total length 24:20. Click here to listen.

The Self

This is a great short-video featuring Sock.  (It’s no wonder Greg and Sock get along so well; take a look at this video of Greg from T21C.) You can see the entire catalog of Sock documentary videos here. It’s closing in on completion, so be patient =). In related news, the main 21 Convention channel just […]

The What vs. The Why

  This is a great video that just came out from Paleo FX. I think it’s worth sharing because I suspect this attitude is more common that most would believe. It’s not just prevalent in paleo-land, it’s in every domain of significance. And why is that? By my judgement it is primarily due to something called […]