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An Introduction to the Psychology of Romantic Love

This is the presentation I gave at The 21 Convention 2012 of Melbourne Australia. It is an introduction to both the subject and the book by the same name, The Psychology of Romantic Love, written by Nathaniel Branden. Nathaniel is Ayn Rand’s one time intellectual heir. Some objectivists today have a harsh disdain, even venom for […]


The above video is a demonstration of negative emphasized pulldowns on the ARx Omni – different from negative only pulldowns I have blogged about previously. Some commentary … A) Negative focused work is pretty interesting to experience. Partly because of the fact that it is a novelty in itself, in that most equipment is not […]

The 21 Convention 2014 & Beyond

Greetings, Anthony Dream Johnson here today, founder and CEO of The 21 Convention. I have a series of announcements to share today that I think everyone will enjoy, so have a seat, get comfortable, and read on as soon as you’re ready.   The Brief This newsletter contains a series of announcements, from the general […]