21,000 Hours and Other Musings

It’s been a while since I updated my blog, and I hate that, because I love The Dream Lounge so much. I’ve been busy no doubt, transforming a business of my youth into a business of the future.

Which inspired the title of this I’m not dead/here’s what I’ve been up to post.

Specifically, I recently became curious as to how many hours I’ve poured into my company since its founding in 2006. Having never thought about this before, I sat down, grabbed a calculator, and got to work on a trip down memory lane.

The result was stunning, partly because I really had no conception of what it would be. A conservative estimate of my hours worked since day one is over 21,000 hours. Tracked perfectly, I’m confident the actual number is closer to 25k.

And if you then add all of the “mental hours” spent on the company (not included in the above totals), such as creative thinking, planning, and conversation specifically for the company, that number probably approaches 30,000 hours over the past 8 years 11 months.

Basically, I’ve lived and breathed The 21 Convention my entire adult life. While I know I can do better in the future than I have in the past, I am indeed proud of the individual achievements that paint this history.

And yet I am primarily proud of one thing in this context: the ability to so deeply and durably commit to one thing with an unbreakable consistency, over such a long period of time – one third of my entire life at the time of writing this post.

What I’ve Been Up To

I went to Austin Texas a few weeks ago for a myriad of reasons. One of which was some shooting for The 21 Convention Podcast with myself, Steve Mayeda, my wife, Mark Sisson, Nick Sparks, Skyler Tanner, and Jolly.

Clearly, I’m the most expressive of this bunch.

Hat tip and thank you to Mark not only for coming on the show but also linking out to his original 21C speech on the blog.

Which reminds me that we rebuilt The21Convention.com recently. The old site had been around since 2010. It was long overdue for a fundamental update and simplification. Thankfully not long before this YouTube reviewed the site and gave it the thumbs up for instream-ad playback on all videos.

This is great because now the website is properly monetized (ads are where the eyeballs are at), vs the “hope” monetization of old that only had derivative effects on the company and seo value of the videos on YouTube.

Stepping back, I also had a great experience with new editions of ARX equipment while in Austin at PaleoFX. You can click the image to see a video of the workout.

Some Fun Facebook Musings

What follows are some ideas I wrote out on Facebook in recent weeks.

Regular blogging will return after these ideas.

If I had asked people what they wanted in 2007, they would have said more dating advice.

I’m glad I didn’t ask.


As a follow up to my earlier post, “dating advice” is serious business.

Most people trivialize this area of life to automation (just be yourself, bro) or otherwise severely undervalue and underestimate how complex it is.

That is complete bullshit.

Individuals are highly complicated. Double the quantity to two, and then add sex, biting, licking, fucking, sucking, co-habitation, marriage, and children – and you have a recipe for one of the richest areas of human life possible.

And it all starts with “dating”.

This one really upset some people.

I think plastic surgery is a wonderful form of self-improvement that doesn’t get enough credit today – not 1/10th of what it deserves.

Instead it gets associated with this dip shit nonsense in the media about men paying to mutilate their bodies in a confused attempt to look like women.

People like this are at war with who they are, and/or have a birth defect that a cowardly, “politically correct” culture forbids calling a birth defect.

What’s more alarming is that many people today are so “open minded” that their brains are falling out of their ears.

They will ‘tolerate’ anything so long as it conforms to what they already believe.

Surgeries like this are a revolt against biological reality. Revolt is the keyword here, because the surgery is not for improvement upon what exists (throughout your entire life), but is instead for destruction and disruption.


The #1 actionable mistake men make with women in dating is chasing before establishing a sexual relationship.

Despite the rationalizations men give for this and what most women say about it, it is a repelling decision.

When a man says “I love chasing women” (including women he hasn’t even met yet!), all I hear is a confession that he has never had and allowed an attractive woman to chase him.

When a woman says “I love when guys chase me”, all I hear is a confession that she has yet to have the opportunity and space to pursue a man worth chasing.

Hunting is a historically male activity. But “hunting” in dating before beginning an intimate relationship is not masculine. It is an act of following. And every follower has a leader.

Guess who the leader is when you chase?

If you want to lead women into your life, stop texting and calling them like a lost fucking puppy. Be a gentleman and give them the opportunity to chase you.


In many self-improvement circles, “safe spaces” are really new age, hipster psychobabble for “critical thinking free zones”.

This is not surprising, as most self-improvement today is philosophically bankrupt nonsense.


It’s stunning how little [true] innovation there is today in total exercise technology, with few exceptions like ARX (equipment) and Congruent Exercise (ideas).

What Arthur Jones kicked off in the 1970s with Nautilus and the invention of the modern fitness industry has slowed down so much it is actually now going in reverse. Primitive technology like a metal bar is glamorized as “the king” and the future of exercise.

It is viewed as “the future” because of the pessimistic, dark-ages, anti-technological attitude these groups and individuals hold and cherish. The truth is that metal bars and crude weights are the past of exercise and should be left there, as quickly as possible – the same way you aren’t reading this on an Apple II.

Explosive, high force, low-to-no safety programs like Crossfit and P90X take this a step further into the realm not just of equipment but of concepts.

Exercise in these circles is so brain dead they actually look to the unrelated and incidental physical activities of ancient man for practical inspiration, or worse, they just emotionally whim exercises into existence and stick them on a DVD – objectivity and intellectual rigor be damned.

The result is a dangerous, chaotic, randomized fuster cluck of romanticized over-emotional nonsense that does nothing productive for anyone’s life and instead wastes your time, money, and health.

The dominant philosophy in exercise today can best be summed up by the sayings “no pain no gain” and “shut up and squat”, which translated into real life mean “hurt your self to improve your health” and “stop thinking”, respectively.

Of course it’s hard for these fitness imbeciles to follow their own advice and stop thinking. To do so would require them to have started in the first place. I find it more likely they will hurt themselves repeatedly and perhaps permanently before that ever happens – a horrible result they will have earned with their own deep and persistent irrationality.

This next one relates strongly to Ayn’s primacy of existence or consciousness in philosophy. It was closely inspired by something I read. Read because I have been thinking about how irrational philosophies form that still have some respect for and interest in the self (that is not openly hostile).

If you want to live a good life, it’s not enough to love your self. You have to also love existence.

The next one is actually a quote from someone else.

“The current trend of “evolutionary” psychology often views human beings as dominated by inherited traits and behaviors, many of which are maladaptive in the modern context. This view of man is enthusiastically embraced by many Transhumanists, who want to repair the “bugs” in the human genome and psyche.

By contrast, Objectivists, while not denying that we evolved, emphasize the robust capacities that humans actually have, which underlie Objectivism’s heroic view of man. Objectivism also emphasizes the fact that humans have free will and are capable of reason, as against those evolutionary claims that portray us as automatons.”

21 University

In my last blog post I mentioned a subscription service we were starting. Well, we’ve done it. We took down the old 21 University and rebuilt it into something entirely new. Now it’s education for the ideal man, and the video streaming service for men.

Essentially it’s The 21 Convention Online. It is now the best way to view all of our content, and it grows each and every month with new motion pictures.

21 University students also get awesome perks like zero video ads, first access to all new videos, access to exclusive videos not on YouTube, and a monthly live Q and A with a speaker. This is where I personally interview a speaker and relay questions to them from students.

If you don’t have an account yet, you should give it a try. Your first month is $1, then after that to stay is $14.99/month.

The basic content/video pipeline for now and the forseeable future is this : The 21 Convention Event —> 21 University —> Itunes (soon) —> Ad-Supported Website/YouTube

21U began with a good start. Then we fumbled pretty hard. Then we got back up, and are now off and going full sprint (and have been for some time). It really is the product the company and videos needed most and seeing it grow is both fascinating and personally rewarding.

To be clear, all of the convention videos still publish free on YouTube and the main website.

The benefits of 21 University are worth more than the cost however of watching for free with ads, slower content releases, no Q and A with a speaker every month, and lack of access to the exclusives (e.g. Mark Sisson’s speech has never been on YouTube, and the HD edition is exclusive to 21 University).


Speaking of Socrates (pictured above), check out what this stud did on his birthday!

A Universe for the Ideal Man

You might have noticed the bold statement at the beginning of this post in the image: A Universe for the Ideal Man. This is a precursor to an updated vision for The 21 Convention. That tagline may even go on to replace A Panorama Event for Life on Earth as a Man in some contexts (such as when speaking about the company itself, instead of the live events).

That statement is my own realization of what I have been building all these years. Not just a collection of speakers, films, ideas, events, interviews, websites, or video streaming services. An entire universe dedicated to actualizing the ideal man. That means me, you, and anyone else serious about that adventure.

I built it for myself first in the pursuit of self-education and a better life, but basically anyone can plug into it; men easier than women because I am male (and this fact has intentionally dominated the focus and direction of the company).

Live Events

We started an interest list here for all future live events. The basic idea is: if you want to learn about and attend a future 21 Convention, that is where you need to go to sign up for updates and announcements. You can unsubscribe and re-subscribe whenever you want. Just always head to www.the21convention.com/events.

That’s all for today. I’ve missed blogging here terribly and will be making it more of a priority throughout the rest of the year. Lots more to yap about and announce =D

Do check out some of the newest full length films in the meantime. Skyler (on fatherhood) and Socrates (opening address) should be first on your list to watch of what’s currently there if you haven’t seen them yet.


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