ARX Fit Omni : The Perfect Machine?

arx fit omni

When I’m not day-dreaming about how far superior the ARX Fit Omni is to every exercise machine on the planet, and in the history of the universe, I read Congruent Exercise by Bill DeSimone.

Today I came across a gem of a quote (as if this book wasn’t packed with them to begin with) :

Bolded emphasis my own.

 Practically the force produced by the muscle isn’t directly applied to a weight. It’s applied to a limb, which pulls or pushes the weight. The internal distance between the tendon and the closest joint creates a lever (or moment arm), which changes as the joint moves. Since muscle torque is the product of muscle force and moment arm (by definition), since both components vary through a movement, the muscle torque also varies through a movement.

Exactly how it varies depends on the muscles, joints, and ranges being tested. The curves for each action differ from each other, and the curves for the same action would differ slightly based on the speed of movement.

Theoretically, if you knew the exact muscle torque for a movement, you could design an exercise that varied the mechanical difficulty in exactly the same pattern. This would make the exercise incredibly effective and efficient at using the available muscle force and exhausting the muscle. Isokinetics and cam-based machines tried to do this. Practically, this level of manufactured precision turned out to be a lot harder to effect than it sounds, and it also appears not to be a requirement for a productive workout.

Of course, this is what I’ve been harping on about for a while now : this is  exactly what the ARX Fit Omni accomplishes so elegantly. It succeeds where cam-based machines fail. This includes machines produced by self-proclaimed king of the ant-hill, intellectually hostile, RENEX.

What’s even more stunning on their part is that they are now producing “imachines” for timed-static-contractions.

Which you can better accomplish, for 1/10th of the price, in 1/10th of the space, on a single ARX Fit Omni.

Some may criticize me here and say that they are “just doing it another way”. Of course they are : a dumber, less effective, more costly, more bulky, unnecessary way.

It’s like a “return of the primitive”.

The more those people brainstorm on and produce machines, the less and less effective, cost efficient, and useful those machines become.

ARX Fit on the other hand, keeps improving and further refining their OMNI model, as I saw first hand in Austin Texas at The 21 Convention.

I wonder how enormous the body of evidence would have to be for RENEX to stop producing gravity based exercise machines. Perhaps that answer is in the image above for a select few in that camp.

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  1. mark May 28, 2015 at 1:40 pm #

    Until ARX, there was no way to exert 100% of ones’ available strength over the 1 to 2 minutes required for the most efficient effective muscle-building. Warning, for ARX to really do it’s job, you must hate every second!

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