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Relationship Building in the Earthquake Landscape of Post-Feminist Culture

Download the complete anthology. The Socrates Anthology just went live on Vimeo Video on Demand. The anthology includes all video content of Socrates as produced by The 21 Convention. – The Relationship Talk Your Father Never Gave You (58 mins) – Intimate Relationships : A Contrarian Guide (92 mins) – Socrates The Documentary (63 mins) […]

Just Like I Said, Don’t Chase

Morgan Freeman gets it. Don’t chase. It’s that simple, even if it’s not always easy. This truly is “the secret” to picking up women. Secret as in the most effective behavioral change you will *ever* make. Ever, ever, ever. And what does it mean on a deeper level? As you might have guessed, it’s a re-focusing on […]

The League of Extraordinarily Unemployable Bloggers

So I think I was recently the recipient of an award. I was kindly included on a list of unemployable bloggers. Truly a moment to remember in life, to receive such an honorable mention. I’m only half kidding. This is actually a great article, and a great list of fellow bloggers. The article does indeed […]

Dr. McGuff on Avoiding Bad Relationships

  Dr. Doug McGuff M.D. discusses the importance of avoiding bad relationships. Download the full length MP3.

Why Women Should Always Chase Men

When I released my recent post “The Real Secret to Picking up Women“, a number of people commented on the gender specific assertion I was making: that men should never chase, and women should always do all of the chasing. I didn’t elaborate further, nor is this something that anyone could expect to be widely understood. […]