Hyper Repetitions

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This is a short segment from the 2012 ARx presentation at The 21 Convention Austin. In it Mark Alexander of Efficient Exercise and ARx Fit discusses hyper repetitions and guides Keith Norris through a few using the trainer/practitioner remote.

The power point screen makes it really interesting for the newcomer because unlike the majority of my personal videos (and other customer videos on the web), the force gauge is easy to observe. Because of this (simple) addition, what’s actually going on becomes dramatically easier to understand.

Where as most people, without seeing the gauge, have tremendous difficulty grasping how the machine works. Some people might still “not get it” even when seeing the gauge, but, I think this is as close as one can get through the internet. Beyond the video above, one simply has to sit down on the machine and give it a go.

Motorized resistance, or as I’ve seen Keith call it dynakinetic resistance, is as different from gravity dependent resistance (free weight, selectorized, etc) , as the best selectorized machine is from a rusty, bent, slightly uneven barbell.

I’ve been trying to communicate this over the interwebz for a while now, but have had difficulty putting it into words. I think the best way to put it is : motorized equipment is categorically different from gravity dependent equipment.

(I also believe it is categorically superior, but that is a separate, independent idea from the above).

Because of this, I’m not convinced anyone truly has a birds eye view, yet, of how incredible a leap in technology this is, now that there are competent equipment designs, such as the OMNI.

(I say this because I am more critical of say, Exerbotics equipment, because it appears to mimic selectorized machines, rather than designing from the ground up, as ARx Fit has done).


On a separate, but related note, hyper-reps are the most intense, or perhaps high effort type of repetition possible. Yes, a belt squat on the Omni, 100% of the time, has the capacity to be more “intense”, than even the world record barbell back squat.

The difference of course is that (all) belt squats, unlike barbell back squats, are not ever in a position to cause your spine and rib cage to collapse (as I believe was implied in Congruent Exercise).

[If anything, this is pseudo-intensity, or, imminent traumatic injury mis-interpreted by the trainee as added “BRO-ness”].

The same is also true for the pulldown, the chest press, etc. This is because even the almighty “one rep max”, is limited by your strength through the weakest part of the range of motion. This term is probably not even accurate to use.

The “one rep max” when referring to gravity dependent equipment, especially free weights, should be called the “most strength through the weakest position maximum”.

The one rep max, is literally, your weakest maximum.

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