An Introduction to Intermittent Fasting

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Jolly’s been the T21C photographer at all US conventions since 2010 , so you have him to thank for all of the awesome photography work he does at each event. More than that, you can thank him for this awesome presentation on intermittent fasting.

As I mentioned in the intro, it was not planned. In fact, I’m not even sure who suggested it at this point. Jolly speaking was simply something organic that came about during dinner conversation in Austin at some point. While I had no idea how great of a speaker Jolly was going to be, the decision was easy to make.

Easy to make because Jolly is a walking encyclopedia on just about anything he has a passion/intense interest for. IF is just one subject of many.

So, kudos and thanks to Jolly for all the work he does at T21C. Speaking and photography alike are top of the charts.

Oh and as you may have noticed, Jolly has a unique “screen cap” for his presentation, because there are no speaking pictures of Jolly from the event to make a nice title image from =/. Consequences of having the photographer speak (and not finding a backup for his speech).

Turned out pretty darn well IMO though, thanks to Jakob.

PS – Jolly’s video will get a big boost in viewership if Martin from gets a hold of it. Feel free to tweet it at him or RT my own tweet.

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  1. Mans May 24, 2013 at 11:25 am #

    YO Anthony, thanks a lot for this. I’ve been trying this, but great to have a bit of a guide.


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