Keith Norris | Health vs Performance + Auto-Regulation | Full Video Presentation

This is Keith Norris’s full presentation at T21C 2011 on Health vs. Performance, Auto-Regulation, and Establishing Your Basecamp. At face value I think a lot of people would assume I personally disagree with much of Keith’s basic premises, but in fact, I do not.

There are things I disagree with of course, or in some cases, am ultra cautious about. One example is any form of an explosive movement. Another would be a barbell squat, for any purpose other than competitive lifting, where it is a required movement that you have to repeatedly practice to improve upon.

Come to think of it, and thanks to the work of Bill DeSimone and his Congruent Exercise, I am pretty convinced there is no worse exercise conceivable, that is commonly practiced, than the barbell squat. Out of what is accepted as exercise today, you literally can’t get anymore bio-mechanically antithetical to the human body — despite the “tradition” and popularity of this movement.

On the flip side, I actually find Keith’s discussions (in this presentation as well as elsewhere) really interesting, if not refreshing, specifically his own interests in the nervous system as it relates to exercise, sports, etc. This to me seems like an important topic that does not get it’s fair share of attention — much like Vitamin K2 relative to Vitamin D.

I am also 100% supportive of the term I believe Keith coined — a physical culturalist. This to me sounds pin point accurate for someone like Keith whose interests are not just in exercise or health, but are far wider, encompassing sport performance, recreation, and so on.

This term is actually exactly what we need more people to adopt.

BTW, there is an awesome post on Keith’s blog revealing his recent blood work. Doug McGuff MD’s comment should not be missed either.

— Anthony Dream Johnson


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  1. nriley24 February 3, 2014 at 12:23 pm #

    physical culturalist likely refers to the physical culture movement of the late 19th century and early 20th century

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