MRI Images of my Left (injured) Knee

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In high school football I managed to dislocate my left knee cap 5 different times. Five was enough for me (meaning the doctor) to call it quits, and as fate would have it, watch my team go undefeated my senior year. Heart-breaker for a 17 year old, to the point that I was in tears for about 5 hours straight when I found out the news =/.

According to MRI images then, my knee should have healed fine, and I would not need surgery unless pain persisted over the years. Well, it has. Usually it was once or twice a year, and never for more than a few days. The pain would typically have nothing to do with exercise — although I’m sure being a “cardio” fanatic for a few years on end didn’t help.

There have been no dislocation events since high school, or any other injury for that matter.

Apparently there is a small bone floating around in my knee, and at the beginning of February 2012 I think it got “stuck” somewhere it shouldn’t have, causing me massive amounts of pain for weeks on end, to the point of not being able to walk. The duration and severity were unusual in all the years since the initial injury, so I finally got X-rays and an MRI done.

Here is the report on what the MRI revealed in total.

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I wouldn’t know the first thing about interpreting what any of this means, but I did get to talk to someone on the way out of the office today and apparently part of what this means is that (yes) there is a small chunk of bone in there (maybe the small bead-like object in the images?), and my kneecap is slightly off center, probably from the initial series of injuries.

I see the M.D. soon, and the plan will be to discuss what all of this means, and what should be done about it. Last I spoke with him the plan was to “scope” (minimally invasive surgery) the knee, remove the bone, and fix anything else possible while diggin around in there.

If I can get it on film I certainly will, and will be happy to post it here =).

All in all, not very fun, but I will be happy to have this damn thing fixed.

Also, I find it interesting how I have “scattered areas of synovial hypertrophy”, because I’ve been taking MSM/glucosamine for about 4 months straight now. Wonder if that has anything to do with it? If I can get my old MRI image from 2005 I would be damn curious to see if there is a difference there.


If anyone is interested in seeing more MRI images (there are a ton), and know how to read them, feel free to comment here and I can post more…

— Anthony Dream Johnson


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5 Responses to MRI Images of my Left (injured) Knee

  1. Barry March 24, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

    Look into prolotherapy to heal up your knees. Once they scope and scrap your knees you need to regrow the cartilidge that was damaged/destroyed/removed.

    I had both knees fixed ( as well as my ankles) four years ago and now am actively in Karate and being mobile. I was almost at the use a cane stage before the treatments.

  2. james March 25, 2012 at 9:40 pm #

    I would put money on it being those weird/unhealthy workouts that have have fucked your knees up.

  3. Ivan H April 2, 2012 at 9:12 pm #

    You may wanna get more opinions and try this

    Doctors can want to rush into something and solve problems and “FIX” things
    Scans can be WRONG, sometimes
    Surgery is irreversible

    Anyway the link above is for Hyaluronic Acid and Chicken Collagen. Collagen actually rebuilds and regenerates Ligaments and Cartilege. Glucosamine, MSM, and CHROND only alleviate the symptoms by hydrating and lubricating the tissues. Take 1,000 MG of Vitamin C too daily.

    I’ve had highly physical jobs and athletic endeavors too. I think a less than perfect knee is really desiring to be fixed. I’ve looked long and far for solutions, and I know most people do too. Lot’s of people have less than ideal joints, especially athletes like football players…

    We as young males all want to be masculine “Warriors.” Able to do the physical actions necessary.

    Be warriors, kings, hunters. The best of our ability

  4. Ivan H April 2, 2012 at 9:17 pm #

    also, a concoction of high quality fish oil, turmeric, and black pepper extract (amps up absorption of turmeric 100x, not kidding), green tea, alpha lipoic acid, and Acetyl Carnitine (got from the Ultramind Solution by Hyman)

    Helps with the pain.

    Also Bee pollen+ Royal Jelly + Niacin + Colostrum is a concoction for release of HGH – almost as much as sprinting. Helps with healing and regeneration!


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