Peter Schiff: A Real Life Hank Rearden

You could actually say a real life Midas Mulligan/Hank Rearden hybrid, but who’s counting. Peter Schiff is a bad ass and drives at real fundamental issues in the face of the sheeple — defending the remaining producers left in this crumbling country.

I wonder how many people in the crowd even had a murky let alone clear concept of what unalienable rights are — and why they are by lights years upon light years, the most important thing that could be discussed by anyone right now so far as government is concerned.

And I love Peter’s question — what objective % of my own money should I keep?

Notice no one answers with the only correct answer possible: 100.

— Anthony Dream Johnson

ps — I got in touch with Peter Schiffs people a few months ago about speaking at T21C. Got side tracked but shall be interesting to pick the discussion back up.

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4 Responses to Peter Schiff: A Real Life Hank Rearden

  1. Gold Investor October 27, 2011 at 7:18 pm #

    I hope that he will be a future U.S. President.

  2. James October 27, 2011 at 11:43 pm #

    Loved it too. I also loved how he stands up for greed. Like a boss. P.S. Anthony I don’t know whether you like or dislike it when people suggest people for your convention, but I’ve been watching the youtube videos of a guy called Arash Dibizar, he’s a pua who’s youtube channel is “seductiveinstinct.” I promise I’m not affiliated with him, but I thought you might enjoy some of his stuff as I have.


  3. Todd Hudson October 30, 2011 at 8:20 am #

    Anthony my good man,
    I’ve been to the Wall St. area with colleagues a few times. How do I describe it? Mostly a disorganized mess.
    They have the same mind set (we need “green” jobs, the earth is to populated) that the people who look down upon them (the banking oligarchy) are pushing onto people.
    They are playing into the hands of the culprits behind this financial mess and they do not know it.
    Mr. Schiff stated it succinctly. The top 1% of earners/producers pay the bulk of the taxes; they DO pay more than their fair share.

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