Relationship Building in the Earthquake Landscape of Post-Feminist Culture

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Download the complete anthology.

The Socrates Anthology just went live on Vimeo Video on Demand. The anthology includes all video content of Socrates as produced by The 21 Convention.

– The Relationship Talk Your Father Never Gave You (58 mins)
– Intimate Relationships : A Contrarian Guide (92 mins)
– Socrates The Documentary (63 mins)
– Socrates Florida T21C interview
– Socrates Texas T21C interview

Buy it all separately, $11. Buy it all together, $6. Or you can just get the new talk for $5. Your choice.

All of the videos can be streamed in HD for 1 year, 100% advertisement free. Vimeo works well with most tablet and mobile devices as well (just download the app). Vimeo even works on your Xbox 360 =).

New content is rolling out daily via Vimeo VOD. You can also download …

Doug and James also come with bonus presentations from previous events.

Sock’s video is out next on Youtube. It’s epic. Once I started reviewing it I knew I couldn’t wait any longer to publish it.

The full video will take ~8 days to release on Youtube, plus it has plenty of ads and no download capability, so this is a neat way to get early and premium access to the content. Once you download the videos they are your’s forever as well and are easy to take on the go with a phone or tablet.

Per usual, I am keeping the prices as low as possible to discourage pirating. Vimeo is a great platform too, check it out.

Update : here is version 2 of the poster.


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