Richard Nikoley 21 Convention Presentation

This is Richard Nikoley’s full 21 Convention speech. He raises some good questions and ideas. In his own words the presentation focuses on,

  • General precepts of the human animal and our current domestication in The Zoo Human that underlies all manner of dysfunction
  • Who am I and what’s my story
  • The Paleo / Primal Diet
  • What to eat and what not to eat
  • Learn to become a competent cook
  • When to eat and when not to eat (Intermittent Fasting)
  • High, moderate or low carb
  • Health benefits of Real Food combined with Intermittent Fasting (Autophagy)
  • Ditching mind creating fantasies that induce unearned guilt and shame that underly actions that work against your well being
  • Evolutionary social hierarchies vs. centralized, authoritarian hierarchies
  • Non-exclusivity in male / female relationships

As I’ve discussed before, the only significant point I disagree with Richard on is voting, although, not in the way some might imagine. I do indeed agree with Richard that having a 1 in 300 millionth say in your own affairs is bat shit crazy, and to say the least, a complete waste of your time. However, voting ceases to be a waste of time and does in fact become a very good use of your time when that vote specifically promotes removing the use of violence from your life — which is to say, when your vote is one that removes contradictory violence from the votes of others.

In 2011, this is a very, very good use of your time. The one that seeks to neuter the irrationality — read: insanity — of the rest of your country, State, and so on. Ron Paul is a shining example of a good use of your time. NOT because he likes ‘lower’ taxes — but because he wants to abolish virtually all of them.

Not make them 20%, 9%, 2%, or 1% — make them fucking 0%, forever. This is a really serious position, and its worth your time to support. Again, because it’s not so much for a change as it is for a complete removal of violent enforcement from your life.

The same goes for any potential draft, illegal wars of aggression, legal tender laws — and even crazy shit like not being able to file bankruptcy for student loan debt — ie, you are forced to pay back a private loan, because of the “type”. Force in that case meaning derivatives of direct violence — like taking up to 15% out of your paycheck electronically before you even see it.

End rant. Good speech. Richard introduced some controversial ideas in that presentation — including the idea that voting is a waste of time, no matter the amount.

— Anthony Dream Johnson

PS, here’s Richard’s after thoughts.

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2 Responses to Richard Nikoley 21 Convention Presentation

  1. H.L. Bobbitt January 25, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

    Why is this clown lecturing about diet and fitness, when he’s clearly overweight? Plus, he claims to live a principled life, yet the company that he founded (Provanta) assists others in welching on credit card debts.

  2. Radical Honesty September 25, 2012 at 7:39 pm #

    Who in the world wants to live on a diet of liver and pig brains so they can end up looking like this?

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