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There’s No Such Thing as “Cardio”

James Steele’s full length presentation from The 21 Convention London 2012 is finally up and online. I think James represents himself and his ideas well very well. A worthy addition to the exercise video lineup, to say the least. This presentation brings to mind one of the most important foundations of HIT : that mechanical […]

Hyper Repetitions

(click to play) This is a short segment from the 2012 ARx presentation at The 21 Convention Austin. In it Mark Alexander of Efficient Exercise and ARx Fit discusses hyper repetitions and guides Keith Norris through a few using the trainer/practitioner┬áremote. The power point screen makes it really interesting for the newcomer because unlike the […]

Chronic Lower Back Pain | Discussion & Treatment

  James Steele (or James Steele II as he is known online and through his blog) is a 23 year old Lecturer and PhD Research Student at Southampton Solent University in the UK. James is an exercise scientist by profession having gained a first class honours degree in Applied Sport Science and during his time […]