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Do you even row, bro?

(click to play) This is a video of a (semi-low) row I performed yesterday during a big five. I thought this would be useful to post because I’ve filmed and posted plenty of static contraction videos as of late on the OMNI, and no dynamic movements in quite some time. The machine is perfect at […]

ARx Fit Equipment & The Future of Exercise

(click to play) Keith Norris, even with an incredible and impressive physique before incorporating ARx Fit equipment into his workouts, is a living, breathing testament to the merits of motorized resistance training. This stands in stark contrast to the skepticism of “the masses”, who generally do not even posses a working understanding of the equipment. […]

RenEx™ Gone Wild | Segment A : Who the heck actually used ARX equipment?

This article is not endorsed or sponsored by Renaissance Exercise™ or anyone acting on their behalf. All written content here in is the sole responsibility of Anthony Johnson, and is in no way associated with any organization, including but not limited to those in which Anthony plays a leadership role. … In their recent “Dumpers” […]

Bowflex Killer — World Premiere of the ARX Fit Omni Machine

  It’s finally here, the world premiere of the ARX Fit Omni Machine – also known as the bowflex killer. Come one, come all, see how the world’s most advanced home exercise machine works in action with a live audience, and as supervised/operated by Keith Norris. Per the video description… Keith Norris, physical culturalist, author, and […]