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The Big Five on a Single Machine with Perfect Resistance Curves

The ARX Fit OMNI is not the first multi-exercise machine to ever be invented, but to my knowledge, it is one of the first to be capable of self-performing a¬†Body by Science “big five”, with perfect resistance curves for each exercise, superior to that of even an entire platoon of gravity dependent machines. Here’s the […]

Do you even row, bro?

(click to play) This is a video of a (semi-low) row I performed yesterday during a big five. I thought this would be useful to post because I’ve filmed and posted plenty of static contraction videos as of late on the OMNI, and no dynamic movements in quite some time. The machine is perfect at […]

ARx Fit Equipment & The Future of Exercise

(click to play) Keith Norris, even with an incredible and impressive physique before incorporating ARx Fit equipment into his workouts, is a living, breathing testament to the merits of motorized resistance training. This stands in stark contrast to the skepticism of “the masses”, who generally do not even posses a working understanding of the equipment. […]

ARX Fit Professional [video]

This is a short video I found on the¬†Efficient Exercise Youtube channel. I’ve seen it before but did not know it was online. (I was also in the area when this was filmed at Paleo FX 2012). In the video Skyler goes through a basic overview of the vertical and horizontal ARX Fit pieces. An […]