The Illusion of a Product

This is a pretty good video I found via Drew Baye. The narrator/star makes an abhorrent error by looking to government for …. an answer. And the error is as naive as it is ugly.

Even so, good short video.

As you might have guessed, most “internet marketers” are somewhere between the level of a dirt bag, and scum bag. As the title of this blog post suggests, the super majority of these people are not selling actual products, they are selling the pre-tense or ‘illusion’ of a product or service.

Sort of like a thin film, encompassing a bunch of hot air. Like a soap bubble.

It’s definitely there, but even an ounce of physical inspection makes it go POP!

Information marketing is an euphemism for talking in circles and getting people to pay you for talking in circles, understanding little, and masking it all in altruism.

Altruism is especially pervasive in this sub-culture. This is in part because the products are so piss-poor. Rather than feeling guilty in general for selling something, they know deep down (sub-consciously) that what they are selling is of particularly poor value.

This doubles up on the guilt, and makes the altruism-rationalizing all the more critical for them to practice.

I believe it would be accurate to say that most of these people see altruism as necessary to psychological health in what they do. It is of course psychologically destructive to the highest degree, but to them, it provides the delusion being good, moral persons.

Rather than just selling poor products and services at a ridiculous price, they are helping people, by delivering them poor products/services at high prices.

As for me, I do the opposite with my business, which may appear similar, but is the diametric opposite.

I have never considered myself an information marketer. I deal in knowledge.

I then deliver said knowledge, in remarkably high quality, at absurdly low prices.

Best of all, I have no interest in helping my customers.

I suspect some people think I am only semi-serious here, or even joking, but nothing could be further from the truth. Everything I do, I do because I love the doing. I cannot even say helping people is the last thing on my mind when someone buys a ticket, an MP3, or watches a video.

It is not even on my mind, because it is not relevant to said work. What is relevant is that I enjoy what I am doing, that what I am doing is the best work possible of me in the given context, and that I or my company is being compensated justly.

Even if the compensation is self-generated.  For example, I am not paid to write and maintain this blog. I operate this blog because I derive joy from it — and inspiration, and leisure, and so on.

Ending this rant, stay away from “information marketers”, because information is code for a bunch of nonsense compiled into a given format. Seek knowledge, and those who would share knowledge. Seek others who seek knowledge. There are plenty of such people in this world today, you just have to find them.


It is obvious that I advertise a few products on this website, and others. These specific ads are exclusively to products and services rendered by 21 Convention speakers. These are speakers that care very highly about their work, and have a high degree of self-respect, and self-esteem.

Even if (some) are confused on certain, specific philosophical issues, taking pride and care in their work is more than enough for me to advertise their products widely across my web properties.

Everything follows from there.

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