Timed Static Contraction Row

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This is a short video clip from my workout of the week today (or weekend in this case). I would film more but it is such a pain to setup the filming and then workout solo on top of it. I may film more next weekend.

Anyway this is an example of a static row on the OMNI in the rear facing position. There are 4 other position in which to perform a row. It may not be a very exciting video, but, anyone who’s performed this type of protocol appreciates how difficult it is.

For someone like me who has had difficulty with all dynamic rows on all equipment (medx/nautilus/cybex/dumbbell) in the past, static contractions like this are a god send. They turn what is my (at best) clunky motor control for this exercise, into a very intense contraction, and lethally effective way for working my mid and upper back.

If you ever have particular trouble executing an exercise (as in, using the intended musculature), try just not moving.

Skyler discusses TSC more here. I also have a TSC belt squat on video here.

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One Response to Timed Static Contraction Row

  1. Donnie Hunt March 31, 2013 at 8:40 pm #

    I concur with not moving to try and use an intended musculature, integrating it with dynamics contractions as well.

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