New Blood Work Provided by WellnessFX

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After sucking down butter and whole eggs for a great deal of my adult life, I posted some basic blood work in early 2012, with some additional commentary/insight here from a Reddit user.

Last week I discovered that WellnessFX would test my blood for free. No credit card required, no bs. It appeared that Tim Ferriss and Dave Asprey had something to do with the organization, and coupled with a LabCorp facility ~60 seconds from my house — literally within walking distance — I figured why not retest?

It was a no brainer, and damn, was there a quick turn around time. From watching blood get sucked out of my arm to seeing the results up, live, on WellnessFx, took less than 36 hours — on the weekend.

I was stunned at how fast the turn around was. (Disclaimer : I have no idea if that is normal for them or not).

So, what were the results? You can see for yourself in a PDF here. And if you download it, I think the little “quote bubbles” will actually work. What they say is

  • 1) LDL in Feb 2012 was originally reported by LabCorp as 164. I believe this is inaccurate so when I posted my previous test results into WellnessFx, I entered in what I believed was the accurate assessment : 144.
  • 2) Similarly, I believe 139 is also inaccurate, and that 119 is the accurate count.

The real LDL change then being 144 –> 119.

A 25 point drop any way you slice it.

I have also emailed WellnessFX to verify that 139 is a calculation, not a direct measurement, with the testing I got.

Edit : got a response from WFX. Here is is.


    Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your question. I inquired with our Medical Director on this one, and here was his response,

“Great question! Yes, the lab measures the LDL using the Friedewald equation as this is still currently the standard and usually accurate, and direct LDL measurements costs over 20 times the entire lipid panel. it is true that in certain cases the Friedewald equation might be inaccurate, fortunately the LDL is likely accurate here. The Friedewald equation tends to mis-estimate LDL when the Triglycerides are very high (>400mg/dl) and/or the LDL is very low (<70mg/dl), neither of which are the case with this profile, so based on the research this calculation of LDL is likely very accurate.

Hope this helps, Murdoc

Murdoc Khaleghi MD FACEP FAAEM
Medical Director, WellnessFX”

I hope this information helps. If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Thank you,

WellnessFX Care Team  

So it’s clear, I believe the “direct” language on the WellnessFX dashboard is semantics with the free test I had done. They are simply reporting what LabCorp is giving them, and I do not think it is an actual measurement of my LDL — it’s a calculation based on everything else.

You can read more about the number crunching here.

Now, why would the LDL drop so sharply? Well assuming that the drop was primarily, if not entirely a decrease in the “bad LDL”, which I’m guessing it is, I suspect it is due to three factors that were not present last year.

Diet has not changed much; more grass fed butter and grass fed whey, if anything in the past year. Exercise habits are almost identical as well.

The real changes are those three : dramatically less chronic stress, more iodine (from kelp), and more sleep; perhaps an extra hour per night, on average — my sleep may also be of higher quality, now that I’m not bleeding cortisol 24/7.

I’ve added some other supplements and extracts into the mix as well : krill oil, Vitamin C, rose hips, curcumin, magnesium, etc. But my hunch is, if any “pill” had a significant effect, it was the iodine/kelp.

My only sources before the kelp were raw egg yolks, and “iodized sea salt”. Now that my girlfriend does most of the cooking, I only average a few raw yolks per week, at best, and I’m not convinced the sea salt is a great source of iodine.

(During my single life I would regularly eat 12-30 eggs a week in various combinations, because you know, that’s about all I knew how to cook haha).

What Does it All Mean?

Probably nothing. I’m not pulling my hair out of my head this year, 19 hours a day, 8 days a week, so my “numbers” improved even further. As far as everything else in the report, no comment from me, other than that it all looks pretty being 100% green.

In the future I’d like to do more advanced testing with WellnessFX, if for nothing else than to get a gauge on my real Vitamin D levels. If you want to help make that happen sign up using the link in this post (I get credit with them for future tests when you do).

Going Forward

I started taking 1-2 tbsp a day of Bulletproof MCT Oil about 10 days ago, either straight, or in my BulletProof Coffee. If and when I ever get my HDL tested again, I suspect it will be even higher than it is here. Dave Asprey reported his HDL at a sky high 89 if I remember correctly. It’d be fun to beat him =D.

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7 Responses to New Blood Work Provided by WellnessFX

  1. Skyler Tanner May 6, 2013 at 8:28 pm #

    You can try to reach my HDL of 79; maybe I’ll go on an MCT binge to drive mine up toward 90. I don’t think we’ll ever reach Nikoley’s 120+ HDL reading.

    • Anthony Dream Johnson May 7, 2013 at 10:59 am #

      Did Richard really have a 120 reading? Jesus. Does he take MCT oil through an IV?

  2. A Jolly (@Jolly) May 10, 2013 at 6:24 pm #

    Heh, I’m only at 72 hdl 😛
    Anthony – your numbers look solid, I’m guessing you’ll have a pretty low inflammation reading too.

    That being said – I’d watch that blood sugar! What’s your A1C’s look like? You can get a reading for $9 from walmart. Maybe consider Metformin? 🙂 Whitehall showed that you need a 83 mg/dl 2h post prandial (after meal) blood glucose level to minimize cardiovascular disease risk! If your fasting blood glucose is that high, im guessing your post meal one is higher than ideal too…


    • Anthony Dream Johnson May 13, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

      Hey Jolly

      Thanks for the response. Re blood sugar, this blood draw was taken less than 12 hours from the last time I had food in my mouth. From chew to draw was about 11.5 hours.

      I wonder what it would look like on a real fast of 20 hours or so? When I get my vit d levels checked I’ll make that happen.

      As for the specific 83 mg/dl, can you link more reading? Can this vary by individual?

      I certainly don’t have any internal health problems that I can observe.

    • Anthony Dream Johnson May 14, 2013 at 11:57 am #

      Hey Jolly

      According to Paul J. I am right on the money with a fasting level of 91/92.

  3. Sean Barakett May 13, 2013 at 11:06 pm #

    I just had my blood work done… I don’t have the results with me but I’ll post them tomorrow. My ACL and ACH (liver enzymes) were through the roof (3x and 6x the normal amounts, respectively)… the doc told me to stop taking creatine and drinking alcohol immediately. They also tested me for hepatitis (negative) and to come back in 3 weeks and test again

  4. Dave August 15, 2013 at 3:17 pm #

    Hey, Dream — sorry for bumping up this thread, but question for you.

    I did Wellness after reading the recommendation of you and a few others (Tim Ferriss). What were your RBC and Hematocrit numbers? Mine are just a tad higher than “normal” which I’ve heard can be indicative of “active” young men but I was curious if you found anything different in your experiences.

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