howard roark laughedHoward Roark LaughedMy name is Anthony Dream Johnson, and The Dream Lounge is my personal blog. I am the CEO, founder, and architect of The 21 Convention : the world’s first and only “panorama event for life on earth”. I started The 21 Convention at 17, and this blog a short time later. I am now 25 years of age.

I travel a lot. The rest of my time is spent living in the best place on earth: Florida.

I’ve been featured on WGN Chicago (1), and in the NY Times #1 best seller The Four Hour Work Week (2).

The purpose of my work is the actualization of the ideal man, starting with myself. I reject the notion that the ideal man is a literary invention or impossible fantasy. I fully accept the premise that man’s essential nature is that of a heroic being, should he choose so.

As such, I call myself above all, a friend of life, liberty, and reason. I am fully convinced man’s right to his own existence (and it’s exercise there of) is absolute, and that such individual right is legally guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence, and consequently, by any government that chooses to participate in any voluntary union it creates.

[I am also convinced it is impossible to contract an unalienable right in the first place, the declaration being a supporting document in this regard.]

Subsequently, I am a declarationist, and so far as I am aware, it’s chief proponent.

In regards to exercise and nutrition, frequent topics on this blog, I am a strong supporter of brief, intense, infrequent, and safe exercise; and adherence to our paleolithic metabolism. I am fully convinced these are the “axioms” of exercise and nutrition, and that all benefit from such activities stems from respect to these facts.

My accomplishments include :

  • Founding 21 University
  • The 21 Convention 2012 (Melbourne, Australia)
  • The 21 Convention 2012 (Austin, Texas)
  • The 21 Convention 2012 (London, England)
  • The 21 Convention 2011 (Orlando, Florida)
  • The 21 Convention 2011 (London, England)
  • The 21 Convention 2010 (Orlando, Florida)
  • The 21 Convention 2010 (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • The 21 Convention 2009 (Orlando, Florida)
  • The 21 Convention 2008 (Orlando, Florida)
  • The 21 Convention 2007 (Orlando, Florida)
  • The 21 Convention Documentary Series (ongoing, multiple countries)

Between 2007 and 2013 my work has been viewed over 8.25 million times [total view count for Youtube/Wordpress/Vimeo platforms, excluding and smaller video platforms no longer in use].